Peonies are a permanent fixture of many perennial gardens, much loved for their delicate and full blooms and thick, waxy foliage. The blooms are fragrant and layered, with a pleasing texture. Few flowers could replace the classic peony, and for very good reason. While they are breathtakingly beautiful, they also require little to no care when they are well-situated within your garden, and they thrive in any area of our country.

It is best to spend a little extra time when deciding where to plant peonies, to reduce the amount of care later on. They prefer a sunny spot, with well-draining soil and good air circulation around the plant. Meaning, don’t put them in a place where foliage is too dense- when air can’t pass through the plant, it becomes prone to fungus. A plant support is also useful, as their blooms are heavy and can break stems under their own weight.

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Sarah Bernhardt, Karl Rosenfield

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