Moon Cactus




Moon cacti are a favourite amongst cactus collectors, treasured for their bright, colourful heads. They are a product of human design- the neon coloured head is grafted onto the body of another, hardy cactus. The head cannot photosynthesize on its own, due to a lack of chloroplasts (which gives it its brilliant colour!), necessitating the graft. However, they are extremely easy to care for because of this, being a very hardy little cactus.

Moon cacti need minimal water- only when the soil feels dusty, and even then, not too much. Avoid the soil becoming waterlogged, or running over the sides. They do best in bright, indirect sunlight. They also enjoy warm temperatures, but will thrive even at room temperature. Because of their hardy nature, moon cacti are an excellent choice even for beginners.

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Red, Yellow, Pink


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