Multipurpose Hen Fertilizer acti-sol 1.36kg


  • For vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs and evergreens, flowers, flowerbeds, bulbs, and lawns.


  • Natural, first quality fertilizer No filling, sludge or synthetic products added.
  • Pure hen manure Dehydrated and granulated, containing a minimum of 90% dry matter.
  • Efficient for all types of plants
  • Rich in calcium An essential element for plant cell division and growth.


Approved for organic agriculture

This fertilizer is approved for use in organic production by :

  • OMRI
  • OCQV


  • 100% pure hen manure


  • Dried, dehydrated and pelletized
  • No soil or compost added to the product
  • No binding agents used to hold particles together
  • Does not contain:
    • sludge
    • synthetic substances
    • fillers

Pellet size

  • Maximum width : 3 mm
  • Maximum length: 6 mm

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