This is why you searched up our humble store, most likely! Scarlett Gardens offers a wide selection of plants every year, from trees, to annuals, to perennials, to vegetables, to herbs, to fruits… You think of it, we most likely got it- or could potentially order it for you.

We try our very best to ensure that all of our plants are locally-sourced, organic, and grown in eco-friendly environments (we do love our bees!). When you buy from Scarlett Gardens, you get a plant that’s pesticide free, grown in high-quality soil and ready to thrive in your garden. Then, rely on our knowledgable and experienced team for any of your gardening concerns- from what soil to plant it in to what to do when one of your cucumber plants is male.

For the most up-to-date information on stock, give us a call or shoot us an email.

Please note, as it is currently the winter, we don’t have any annuals, perennials or trees in stock. Check back in the spring, when we get many our vegetables, spring annuals, and some perennials in stock!

Fruits & Vegetables

Scarlett Gardens offers a wide selection of fruit and vegetable plants every year. From currants, to strawberries, to melons, to tomatoes, to cucumbers, to okra- come back in the spring to see our wide selection of plants.


Easy to grow and perfect for adding flavour to any dish, herbs are an especially good choice for the first time gardener. We’re proud to offer all kinds of herbs, from classic favourites like basil and oregano, to rarer ones like chocolate mint. Come back in the spring to see our wide selection of herbs.


Annuals are often the main fixture of any garden. We update our stock of annuals every season for a huge selection of plants. From petunias to ivy to marigolds- we have everything you need to make your flowerbeds shine, every season of the year. Check back in the spring for our spring annuals!


But, we know annuals can be a lot of work, having to plant them every year. So we also offer a huge selection of perennials, from hostas to roses. Perfect for accents and centrepieces for your garden- surely you’ll find the plant you want at Scarlett Gardens. Check back in the spring for our first shipment of perennials!

Hanging Baskets

Who doesn’t love an elevated plant? Our hanging baskets are lush and gorgeous- and we always have tons of variety! Check back in the spring, to get our first hanging baskets of the year.

Trees & Shrubs

Everyone should do a favour for the environment every now and then, so what better choice than planting a new tree? Every year, we offer a large selection of trees ready to be planted, whether it’s a Japanese maple or regular maple that you want.

House Plants

House plants just turn into little members of the family don’t they? Scarlett Gardens carries many house plants at all times of year. Currently, we have winter house plants in stock- poinsettias and Christmas cactus abound!

Water Garden

What better way than to liven up your pond (koi or otherwise), with some nice water plants? Check back in the spring!

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