Bagged Product

The majority of soil we carry comes from the wonderful Canadian company, Fafard. With a variety of rich, fresh mixtures perfect for all different types of gardens- you can find the perfect soil for your plants. Give us a call, an email, or come in for advice on which to pick.

Currently, as it is the winter season, we do not have any soils, mulches and stones in stock. Please check back in the spring!

Outdoor Soil

With a large selection of nutritious mixes and additives, we are sure to have the perfect soil for all your plants! All of these soils are sure to make your garden thrive- and they have the Scarlett Gardens seal of approval, with all of our employees using these in their own gardens (and all of our arrangements use these too!).

Indoor Soils

We all know how houseplants can quickly become part of your family- and we all want the best for family. With our selection of indoor soils, you can provide the best for your plant friends, whether it be orchids, cacti, or tropicals. All of them are highly nutritious, and extremely forgiving for over and under watering- perfect for those just starting out on their green thumb journey.