The Store:


Aldo L. Tumino

President – Janitor

Well, I guess I am the boss but being a small business I pretty much do everything, ¬†I grew up helping out quite a bit till my late teens, then I ventured out on my own and I have been self employed pretty much all my life in several different businesses importing, distributing, manufacturing, construction, exporting, software, as you can tell I move around a lot I seem to get bored. Back in 2004, I was between businesses and the store was going through a transition when my brother Lou asked me if I wanted to be partners and I have been here ever since. In 2007 we drew straws and I lost, I got the honour of working twice as much and making half as much, while my brother Luigi (He prefers that over Lou ūüôā ) ventured into landscape, for a little more free time (he likes to golf).

I find retail to be the most challenging business that I have been in and I would not have it any other way, I definitely do not get bored- every day is a battle. I lose some & win some, but in the end I will win the war of the retail landscape (hope for the best, plan for the worst).

I am blessed with two beautiful, intelligent & energetic daughters, my young one Jessica works with me and it’s a joy to have her help me, my eldest Sabrina is going to post secondary school for fashion design it’s amazing seeing her transform from a girl to a young lady.

“Living the Dream”

Flora C. Lu

Store Manager – Head Designer

Flora started in 2004 coming from her own flower shop (she did not like the hours) she brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to the operation and excellent customer service ability. Soft spoken, honest, fairness and attention to detail make her a pleasure to deal with. Naturally Flora is a floral designer (sorry for the pun) that creates incredible floral arrangements that exceeds your desire and fits your budget, since coming to Scarlett Gardens, she has created  remarkable urn arrangements for all seasons and occasions. Floral has two wonderful children that help out when they are not in university, Winnie & Ryan.

Jessica V. Tumino

Social media

Started around 2010 at a young age she is in charge of our Facebook and Google accounts, she also helps out on weekends and in the summer. She is capable and willing to take on any task with pride in doing the best job with her young ability. She is always cheerful and funny, and customer feedback is always positive.


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